The beautiful St Vincent and the Grenadines has long been a favourite haunt of sailors with over 30 islands to sail past or visit.
Land Area: 
18 x11 miles
100 miles west of Barbados north of Grenada

St Vincent is the largest and compared to other islands relatively unspoiled by commercial or real estate development. However, that may all change in 2015 when the new International Airport is opening and thousands of tourists arrive from America and Europe.

The new airport has been a huge commitment from Prime Minister Ralph Gonzales’s Government, but it has the potential to change the economic fortunes of the island and the region forever as it will be the hub though which millions of visitors travel either to the island or to the neighbouring islands.

St Vincent is a volcanic island with La Soufriere sitting over 4,000 ft high dominating its woody landscape. The capital Kingstown has a population of around 25,000, but many of the island’s inhabitants are located within a short distance along this stretch. The island has had a British heritage for over 300 years and its economy depends heavily on banana production and tourism.

The real estate product in St. Vincent and the Grenadines offers many opportunities and properties to suit every pocket. Initially the impact of increased arrivals will boost the rental market, as demand will surely outstrip supply because of limited hotel accommodation.  This will be particularly attractive to investment purchasers looking to rent the property when they are not in occupation, but it will also appeal to people buying for lifestyle and personal use as they can expect the value of their property to increase as demand increases.

The buying and selling process involves the purchase of an Alien’s Land Holding License, but a good attorney will guide the buyer carefully through this process.

St Vincent is located close to several other islands that have attracted the rich and famous for many years.

Canouan with its impressive golf resort, hotel, casino and real estate villas is a gem. Overlooking the brilliant blue waters from its elevated setting the Villas at the grenadines alongside the golf course are idyllic and sound investments.

Bequia is also a short distance from St Vincent and offer a wider range of property for investment, rental and retirement. Its character and culture are sailing oriented and this has ensured a laidback and peaceful ambience prevails

Mustique has perhaps the glitziest image because of its limited high-end real estate product.  Over the years royalty, showbiz and wealth have combined to make it one of the best-known islands in the Grenadines, but if you want to buy there you have to have deep pockets!

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