Land Area: 
100 sq. miles
West of Antigua, close to Nevis

For several years real estate marketers have been saying St. Kitts was the best kept secret in the Caribbean, but there comes a time when the secret is out and the “proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

Nevis is the sister island of St Kitts, smaller and more private, but just as beautiful. and but for the Four Seasons Resort, largely unknown.

Strangely the surge of foreign property investors hasn’t really happened in St Kitts and although some developments have had limited success others in the Southeast Peninsula have moved much slower than previously planned. The island is more aligned to North America than Europe and attracts thousands of cruise ship visitors many of whom have been captivated by its beauty. And understandably so, given some of the vistas enjoyed by elevated locations south of the capital Basseterre where the views across the narrow straits to Nevis are simply breathtaking. 

The range of properties is wide, but the numbers are understandably small given the size of the island and its limited amenities and infrastructure. The Frigate Bay area close to the Marriott Hotel and golf course has obvious attractions, but the development of the Southeast Peninsula holds the potential for a magnificent collection of real estate options and high end living for the rich and famous. When fully developed the expansive Christophe Bay project will have a top quality hotel, golf course, marina, restaurants and some magnificent properties detached.

At the other end of the island on the gentle slopes of Mount Liamuiga the visionary eco-sensitive Kittitian Hill development with its golf course and wide range of properties is one of the most imaginative and impressive developments in the Caribbean, perhaps in the world.

St. Kitts is an island getaway where time is irrelevant and many of the simple things in life can be enjoyed without the stress and hassle of modern society. If you have the resources and the vision to indulge your passion for a quiet life then look no further than Sundance Ridge, a small hilltop development of detached customized properties overlooking Nevis. It is arguably the most idyllic setting in the Caribbean and home of American developer Scott Jaynes. It says much for the beauty of the complex that its visionary owner has made it his home for nearly a decade.

The St. Kitts Government has gone to great lengths to make property purchase on the island available to those who can afford to buy, although most purchasers will require an Alien Landholding License.  However, outside the conventional path to purchase the Citizenship by Investment program provides a fast-track to home ownership if the investor spends more than US$400,000 on the purchase.  There are also other incentives and tax concessions to attract buyers.

Nevertheless the cost to buy is relatively high if a license is required as the fee is 10% of the purchase price.

Nevis is a short boat ride across “the Narrows” or a flight from either St Kitts or Antigua. It is beautiful and peaceful with an Old Caribbean charm and laidback lifestyle. The landscape is dominated by Nevis Peak, a defunct volcano that has fluffy cotton wool type clouds wrapped around the peak for most of the year. The Island is important in history as the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton, one of the great statesmen and founding fathers of the United States of America, and as the home of the lovely Fannie Nisbet who captured the heart of a young seafaring captain called Horatio Nelson. In more recent times visits from international celebrities like Oprey Winfrey have given it a high profile.

While the Four Seasons Resort will always attract the rich and famous real estate prices on the island reflect good value and slow demand. There are plenty of options for beachfront and rural settings either to purchase or to build. The real estate scene has a laidback easy-going culture and investment on the island will appeal to buyers who want the quiet life as the island is largely unspoiled by commercialism. This has its advantages and disadvantages, but if it’s your preference then there’s no nicer place in the Caribbean.


Developer Scott Jaynes feels this is great news for Sundance Ridge…


1 Sundance Ridge remains one of the most beautiful settings in the Caribbean. What’s been happening on it and around it in the past 12 months? 

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