Pamela Hiles is the Managing Director and CEO of Hiltop Publications Ltd. Pamela is primarily responsible for sales and marketing.  A graduate of the University of Western Ontario and City University in London, England, she has worked in sales, marketing, journalism, media and real estate in the UK, Canada and the Caribbean. She is also Editor of the well-known sports tourism publications Sporting Barbados and Polo Barbados. She travels extensively and is a keen golfer.

Pamela can be contacted by telephone at 246 2289122 0r 246 2320692 or by email at 


Clarence Hiles is the Finance Director of Hiltop Publications Ltd and is primarily responsible for administration, editorial and finance. A former banker, he is a Company Director in several Caribbean companies, the Editor of Caribbean Property Magazine and an experienced Mortgage Consultant. 
A graduate of Queens University in Belfast, he has considerable experience in financial services, banking, real estate and journalism. He is the feature writer for Hiltop Publications and has written many articles on mortgage finance, real estate, sport and general business in the Caribbean. He has also published two books on Irish cricket and a biography of Thomas Andrews, the Designer and Chief Architect of the ill-fated RMS Titanic. A keen sportsman, he has a deep interest in Barbadian and Irish history, cricket, and the Titanic. 

Clarence can be contacted by telephone at 246 2309215 or by email at


Hiltop Publications Ltd. is a private publishing company owned by Pamela and Clarence Hiles and registered in Barbados. The company specializes in innovative niche publications relating to sports tourism, real estate and sport. 

The company’s registered address and contact details are;

11 Cottage Ridge, St. George, Barbados BB 19071

Te: 246 2289122 Fax: 246 228 0243



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