says Divisional Manager at Regional Business Systems Nicolas Humphrey.

It has been reported property crime is on the increase across the region. Has this been reflected by more enquiries for your security services?

Yes there have been more queries both for new installations and properties, which have dated or non-functional systems. People have become more proactive with regards to security around their property and with the advent of smart phone apps, property owners can be alerted to alarm conditions almost immediately. Technology has given rise to the ability to see more than we could ten years ago and homeowners are taking advantage of this technology via the Internet.

You have a formidable security unit at Regional Business Systems. What services do you offer?

To fully explain what we can offer would make up most of this article so I will condense it as best as I can-Just about everything electronic supplied by the security industry. I think that says it all.

What is the major factor that gives customer satisfaction with your work?

Our solutions. Our philosophy is to provide the client with the right solution that best suits their situation. This means spending time discussing their request and performing detailed analysis of the property be it Residential, Commercial or Governmental. Once we have agreed on how we can achieve the solution, we work on a package to accomplish the objective.

You have personal experience of working throughout the region. What were the main projects you were involved with?

We worked with Air & Sea Ports in Grenada and Dominica as well as properties like Port St. Charles (Barbados), who have port facilities as part of their services.
These types of entities require strict guidelines to be followed in ensuring both access and accountability of persons and equipment is maintained to a high level.
To be able to provide the products and services for these clients, we too must keep our standards at a high level. This means commitment to training our staff and keeping abreast of the newest innovations entering the industry.

Home security across the region is very ad hoc and many homeowners seem happy with outside dogs and burglar bars. Many have nothing at all. As the criminal becomes more astute are homeowners complacent in the modern era?

Most homeowners think about how they can secure their property and yes this usually starts with the common burglar bars and a good dog. However “they are always watching” as we put it, so more measures should be utilized. Electronic security is the hidden assistant, because the intruder is not aware of where to look or what to expect. Recently, systems have automation add-ons, which can be programmed to switch on/off lights, TV’s, stereos at unscheduled times, or on alarm conditions so that the intruder might feel someone is present. These devices act as good deterrents and are effective in scaring off unwanted persons.   

Are business premises more security conscious?

Businesses who operate with high levels of inventory or cash are very conscious about their investments. Whether it is a wholesaler of liquor, retailer of electrical supplies or a banking institution with large sums of cash, all have a vested interest in ensuring steps are taken to secure their property. The medium to small businessperson has also learned that customer satisfaction is linked to a need to feel secure in their environment hence the increased use of CCTV cameras in most establishments.

You gave an excellent presentation at a quarterly meeting of the Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association. (BHTA) Are hotels generally up to pace with all their security requirements?

Quite honestly I would have to say no. Some people may challenge my opinion, but in meetings with committees formed to evaluate the security preparedness of most properties, it was apparent that there are areas, which need addressing. What usually happens is the budget does not take these areas into account or they do not see them as high priority due to other “critical” areas of the property. We recommend that hotels have independent evaluations performed at least once a year to keep in tune with the changing surroundings of their property. Properly maintained surroundings help to enhance the beauty of a hotel, but this sometimes brings change and with this comes opportunities for intruders to take advantage of high risk areas inadvertently created by the hotel.  

If someone wanted a security survey on their home or commercial property how do they obtain it and is there a charge?

We are happy to engage clients and encourage them to have a security assessment of their property. As we are based in Barbados the offer is free to on island clients. However, for our clients overseas there is a basic fee, which covers the cost of flying and expenses incurred.

Does having a home security system reduce the property insurance premium?


I have been informed that it is usually built into the price of the policy, but not necessarily shown on the invoice, something that I find interesting. I would have thought that as a selling point it would appear and customers would feel a sense of worth and encouraged to have a system installed.  


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